The Great Karoo

The Karoo means different things to different people.  To geologists it is an ancient formation of largely sedimentary deposits covering much of south east South Africa.  For the purposes of this site we have used the term loosely to mean the interior of the old Cape Province.

Others see the Karoo as a huge, hot and arid empty space they need to cross to get somewhere else.  This is an unfortunate perception as the Karoo encapsulates much of what is unique to South Africa.  Bushveld and savannah can been seen elsewhere in Africa but only the Karoo offers the combination of geology, geography, history and lifestyle that is unique.

We hope that this site will encourage more people to explore the Karoo to discover its beauty, interests, wildlife and above all the hospitality of its people.

Latest News in the Karoo (click here for all news)
MTN Cellphone Reception More about MTN Cellphone Reception
MTN Cell/mobile phone reception is now available in certain parts of the Baviaanskloof, close to Studtis, Zaaymanshoek and the police station.
Hike the Toorwater Poort - Uniondale More about Hike the Toorwater Poort - Uniondale
Uniondale Tourism announced that you can now do the Toorwaterpoort hike which is now officially open to the public. Bookings at the Tourism Office, Uniondale.
Karoo Birding Course More about Karoo Birding Course
Lowlands Country House, Fish River (near Cradock) is hosting a Karoo birding course at from 4th to 6th May with highly competent and experienced guides Lynette Rudman and Jo Balmer. This is an ideal weekend getaway with a spouse or friends learning more about our abundant bird life, enjoying the company of others with similar interests and savouring mouth watering Karoo farm food.
INVASIVE SPECIES ALERT!!!! Please report me I am an invader More about INVASIVE SPECIES ALERT!!!! Please report me I am an invader
SANBI’s BID has initiated a project to assess the invasiveness of these species and a management plan is in progress. Initial surveys conducted by the team have revealed new populations in the Eastern Cape.
Invasive Plants - Cylindropuntia spinosior - Please report More about Invasive Plants - Cylindropuntia spinosior - Please report
If you see these plant species, please report them to the SANBI’S BID. Please if possible provide us with a locality, pictures, and your contact details.
Latest Events in the Karoo (click here for all events)
There are currently no events.
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